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VUCX began working for Auping when the Dutch bed maker entered the German market in 2013. At the time, our brief focused on establishing Auping on the German market; today we design and coordinate cross-media campaigns aimed at building brand loyalty and gaining new customers.

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The client

Your bed is so much more than just a place to sleep. Auping – with love.

In the Netherlands, there are homes with Auping beds on every street. In 1888, Johannes Auping developed a revolutionary open mesh base that keeps beds constantly ventilated. The company’s product range later expanded to include beds and mattresses. Since then Auping’s mission has been to create personalised sleep solutions that meet highest design standards and include sustainable environmental aspects both in production and in the products themselves. In combination with professional in-store customer service Auping has established itself as an expert in healthy, refreshing sleep.

Media support

Crossmedia is the key

To ensure that Auping is present in the relevant print publications, online, in out-of-home advertising, on the radio and in cinemas VUCX develops the right media strategies for both B2B and B2C and plans the costs. We provide a full service, from procuring media and arranging placements to reporting and managing the content and design of booked ads.
Auping PR
Public Relations
Press and Public Relations, Editing, Events and Sponsoring

A well-rounded story: VUCX brings Auping’s message to the right media. Following a PR analysis we plan strategies and campaigns, manage the press mailing list, deliver copy and imagery to the media and facilitate exchange by holding press conferences – aided by our valuable press contacts.

Social Media & Online Marketing

Social Media & Online Marketing — Generate Reach, Clicks and Conversions

Extending Auping’s impact in traditional media to the digital realm via social media and online marketing activities, VUCX was responsible for the content and design of Auping’s social media channels from 2014-2018. Targeted media planning, e-mail marketing and digital advertising enabled us to utilise synergy effects between all channels and create an authentic brand experience for the client’s target group.

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#Powernapper – Online Campaign

At the Cologne fashion event "le bloc" VUCX launched an online campaign to activate new design-oriented target groups for the brand. The center of the campaign was a stand with an Auping bed as scenery and various give-aways, which should encourage visitors to participate in a raffle. To take part, a photo with the hashtag #powernapper had to be posted on social media channels.

Google AdWords Display Campaign


Our sales campaigns combine all our marketing activities: we implement multiple cross-media projects every year involving both retailers and customers. Our focus is mostly on printed materials that appear at points of sale, in high-reach media and out-of-home advertising. Online assets and videos for use online, on TV and in cinemas add to the impact of each campaign.

Anniversary campaign - Five years Auping Plaza Berlin

Spring campaign for box spring beds 2019

Auping Frühlingskampagne
Auping Frühlingskampagne

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