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For Sentido Asterias Beach Resort, a distinguished brand within the leading German travel company DER Touristik, VUCX has crafted a coherent and captivating social media strategy. Our emphasis was placed on creating an appealing outward presence, meticulously showcasing the distinctive offerings of Sentido Asterias Beach Resort while perfectly aligning with the preferences of the discerning audience.

VUCX Social Media Marketing Sentido Asterias Beach

Awarded the Travellers' Choice Award 2022 by TripAdvisor, the Greek 5-star beach resort on the island of Rhodes is considered a popular wellness paradise for those seeking relaxation. The Sentido has also been awarded the international Travelife Gold Certificate for Accommodation Sustainability by the British Tourist Board (ABTA) for its social and environmental commitment.

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The Mission

How do we successfully cultivate the enchanting 'Sentido feeling' across social networks? How can we ignite a yearning within users to choose Sentido Asterias Beach Resort for their upcoming getaway, all through the social media profiles? Which dynamic content formats, blending both visual allure and profound concepts, serve as the cornerstones of this endeavour? The pivotal approach lies in harmonizing all content elements to craft an indelible and captivating impression in the viewer's mind.


The Path


At the commencement of our partnership, VUCX undertook a comprehensive analysis in tandem with the client to delineate both the current standing and the intended audience. With a shared understanding established, we meticulously charted the course, delineating the project's structure and workflow.

Subsequently, our dedicated team concentrated on translating this strategic vision into action across the pertinent social media platforms for the client, with a pronounced presence on Instagram and Facebook.

As part of our collaboration with Sentido, VUCX was responsible for overseeing the entire content marketing strategy, which encompassed the following key elements: 


  • Development of personalized content clusters. 
  • Adaptation of existing channels (such as updating bios, restructuring Instagram highlights, and refining associated icons). 
  • In-house content creation, encompassing both visual and written materials. 
  • Promotion of posts to enhance outreach and foster community growth. 
  • Editorial planning, involving research into topics and imagery, with consideration for local events, holidays, and availability. 
  • Seamless coordination with the on-site hotel team and DER Touristik marketing. 
  • Monthly reporting on progress and outcomes. 
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The "Sentido Feeling" 


Through diligent synchronization of content and visuals, we offered users an authentic window into the distinctive attributes of the resort and the captivating allure of the island. A harmonized colour palette further crafted a unified visual identity, that brought the "Sentido feeling" closer to visitors and sparked their desire for more.

The "Sentido" Brand via Branded Content 


Inspiring quotes and attractive offers were seamlessly integrated into our branded content strategy. In this instance, the objective of such branded content was twofold: to visually set these posts apart from the rest and establish a strong brand association. Imbuing each image with the logo and employing the designated brand font for supplementary details further reinforced this distinct brand identity. The respective image, and the designated brand font was used for additional information. 




What type of content was utilized for social media platforms? 

  • Informative content, such as facts about the resort, the island, activities, and offers. 
  • Emotional content, capturing the distinctive atmosphere of the resort and the island.
  • Collaborations with well-known influencers.
  • Insights and impressions as seen through the eyes of the guests. 
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The ever-evolving Instagram algorithm

The social media strategy crafted by VUCX initially centred around static images, based on the available resources. Yet, as the Instagram algorithm evolved, elevating the significance of Reels within the platform, VUCX skillfully augmented the existing content. By incorporating a range of stock resources and harnessing image animation tools, this evolution was leveraged to its fullest potential, strategically benefiting Sentido Asterias Beach Resort.

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