Design Thinking

Design Thinking - Design Doing

Are you trying to find answers about which communication concepts are most relevant to your customers, are you in the process of restructuring your organisation or are you in the process of developing a new product? These are complex questions for which Design Thinking can provide meaningful solutions.

design thinking

What can Design Thinking achieve?

The Design Thinking method can be applied in all areas where
new perspective is required. The industry plays no role here - industry, insurance,
FMCG, but also for start-ups with digital products or for internal purposes in companies.

"Companies with the greatest commitment to design and the most skillful
Implementation of design principles achieved 32% more sales and 56% more
Total return for shareholders. This finding applied to three different
industries: Medical technology, consumer goods and private banking."

- Study by McKinsey 2018

The special thing about the method is that it puts the user in the centre
and at first based on pure observation - instead of jumping to conclusions.
At first, the problem is more important than its solution. How to gain decisive insights
in relation to your target group and their needs and learn to understand them better. 

Why Design Thinking with VUCX?

Design Thinking is a way of thinking and a methodology that VUCX uses to solve complex problems in order to develop valuable solutions for our customers. We are not interested in making things superficially just "beautiful". We are not kissed by the muse when we work, but always design consistently based on important insights. Innovation is no coincidence and design is no art.

Our first goal is to find a relevant question in the context of a given framework in order to clearly formulate a problem before we tackle it. It's good to have a clear idea of where you want to go, but to quote Bruce Lee:

A goal is not always there to be achieved, often it's there for the right goal.

We gather information along the way and create a deep understanding of the problem area by focusing on people's experiences and needs. Interviews, field reports, observation, engagement, personas, point of view or even cultural probes are just some of the research approaches and instruments we use to generate insights. The experimental, explorative access to user-oriented, qualitative data is the focus of these methods and helps to better understand the target group.

Based on all this, we develop and bundle our ideas and design a solution in an iterative process.

To assess whether our result works, we measure and evaluate the effectiveness of a solution and correct the design based on reactions. And finally, when we are sure we have found the core of the matter, we build a team that can implement every good idea from concept to completion.


Design Thinking Workshop

Wir bieten digitale Design Thinking Workshops oder als Präsenz Workshops an.

Unsere Workshops sind geeignet für Unternehmen bei denen mittels Design Thinking schnellere und bessere Innovation betrieben werden soll. Mittels Design Thinking Methoden lassen sich auch neue Strategieansätze basierend auf Bedürfnissen und Anforderungen der Endbenutzer entwickeln.

Sie eignen sich insbesondere für die Bereiche:

  • Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Leadership
  • Change Management

Design Thinking Seminar

Wir bieten digitale Design Thinking Seminare oder als Präsenz Seminare an.

Unsere Seminare bieten sich für Unternehmen und Behörden an, die an das Thema Design Thinking herangeführt werden möchten.