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As experts in Strategic Brand Consulting, we support you in creating your Brand Strategy and developing the appropriate Marketing Toolbox - digitally, and across all touchpoints.

We use in-depth analysis to help you achieve clear communicative positioning and differentiation from the competition. We also focus on strategies to increase your Brand impact and market presence.


A Strategy that is not implemented remains a fantasy.

VUCX - your strategic consulting partner with execution expertise.

Systematic Brand Development

From Development to Fostering - Strategic Brand Management

Brand Building and Branding are the most important things you should do for your Business.

Excellent Branding creates a strong mental image with customers, building relationships and customer loyalty. When you have a distinct and strong brand, you retain your customers longer and have a much better chance of attracting new ones.

The significance of Brands and their value contribution are well known. There has been outstanding literature on Brand Leadership and Brand Management for years. Nevertheless, the answer to the following question remains challenging:

How to develop a Successful Brand?


We support you to build, shape and grow your Brand from Brand Strategy to Marketing.
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What do we mean by Strategic Brand Consulting?

The most important part of our process is understanding the clients' actual needs. This Design Thinking Approach allows us to develop sustainably implementable strategic recommendations.

To design successful solutions, it is important to ask the right questions first. It starts with understanding the beliefs and needs of your customers. With care, empathy and facts, it is important to determine which topics drive the consumer.

Who is my target group?
Who could become my customer?

Above all, it's not about just describing the target group. That says little about the actual needs of potential customers.

For a Targeted Customer Approach, it is necessary to develop informative person profiles or target group profiles.

We use Design Thinking to develop strategic recommendations that can be implemented in the long term. Learn more about the topic of Design Thinking here.

To design successful solutions, it is important first to ask the right questions. It all starts with understanding the views and needs of your customers. With feeling, empathy and facts, it is important to determine which issues drive the consumer.

The VUCX Insight Diamond creates the foundation. Based on the following insights::

  • Brand Insight
  • Cultural Insight
  • Market Insight
  • Consumer Insight

Insight diamonds are a visual tool used in Market Research and Marketing to explore and understand the thoughts and feelings of customers or consumers. The term "Insight Diamond" is derived from the shape of a diamond, where the four faces of the diamond represent different aspects of the Customer Experience:

  • Insights - What does the customer think about the company, product or brand?
  • Feelings - How does the customer feel when using the product or experiencing the Brand?
  • Behavior - How does the customer act with the product or Brand?
  • Context - In what context is the product or Brand used?

Insight diamonds aims to gain deeper insights into customers' experiences and perspectives to develop better Marketing Strategies and Campaigns. They often use qualitative Market Research Methods such as focus groups or in-depth interviews.

Our approach is based on collaboration with our clients. We help you grow your Business through Strategic Brand Solutions. A deep understanding of the Business Environment and customer needs is the way to uncover potential opportunities and drive Business Transformation quickly and effectively.

Through the design and facilitation of Workshops, Consultations, Interviews, Observation, and Analysis Methods, we can deconstruct the Customer Journey and Brand scenario and identify which touchpoints have the greatest impact and relevance. These offer the greatest potential for improvement and are our main focus when devising ways to improve the Customer Experience.

The results have proven to us that this is the right way to achieve a positive impact on Brand Perception and Business Performance.

However, it is also important that when using techniques and approaches to understand target groups and segmenting them, they are always considered in the context of the particular target group and Marketing Environment and are not generalized. Each consumer group is individual and has needs and preferences that must be considered.

What does Persona mean for Brand Strategy Consulting?

There are different positions or characteristics of the term Persona:

  1. Persona Development is based on demographic or Social Science attributes. Characterizes exemplarily person(s) in a user group. They represent ideal-typical user groups or customer groups and represent demographic segments. An example to this concept: LOHAS - Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability.
  2. Persona Development based on Design Thinking Methods. In Design Thinking, the Persona is the focus of needs. This does not mean that demographic and socio-economic criteria should be ignored. Rather, it extends the first term. It puts the customer and his needs at the center of attention.

An initial understanding of the customer's actual needs can be derived from theoretical analyses. These are then based on demographic and socio-economic criteria. However, this target group is only a theoretical target description. For example, the description of a male between 25 and 39 years of age, higher earner, and married says little about the needs of this target group.

It is important to observe the customers' behavior and conclude on the actual demands of the people. Only then will you gain a deeper understanding of the actual needs of your potential customers.

Success with the target group

What makes Brands successful?


Summarized: Show, don't tell

Brand Strategies in the Digital era

Inspire users for your Brand

Developing successful Brand Strategies in the mobile-digital age has become a complex task.

We consult and guide you on your way with customized consulting and solutions for your Brand Management.

With over 25 years of international experience, we are experts in developing Communication Strategies.

We assist you in consistently delivering on the Brand Promise and staying consistent with your company's Brand Identity.

Whether you're a startup, a large corporation, or an institution, we work together to develop and implement Marketing Communications Solutions that add value to your Brand.

In collaboration with our other Online Marketing Services, for example, Search Engine Optimization with internal and external SEO Experts, we create a positive user experience for your brand.

A successful Brand Strategy requires a positive User Experience. This positive UX plays a crucial role in the Digital Marketing Mix.

Learn more about User Experience and how you can analyze it at: Customer Journey Map


Strategic Brand Consulting with implementation expertise.

The Process of Brand Building is complex. It takes time to establish Brand image and Brand awareness.

This makes it all the more important to derive strategic recommendations with actionable tactics.

Brand Management in times of Social Media

By consuming and sharing content with a simple click on the screen, Social Media has allowed people and companies to shape public opinion and take action like never before. Social Media has grown into an important Marketing channel.

It enables Brands to improve their customer loyalty and customer interaction. However, the challenge is increasing difficulty in attracting the attention of Social Media users.

Therefore, Brands must develop a well-thought-out and target group-specific Content Strategy that is informative and appealing to assert itself successfully.