Case platform development

New breed HR platform

VUCX develops a cutting-edge matchmaking project for start-up

The project is realized under the leadership of the in-house incubator for innovation VUCX_garage.

The project was developed using cutting-edge web technologies such as Symfony, vue.js, and RESTful API. The platform is optimized for desktop and mobile use. An App was also developed for this purpose.

Jobscenter Hero

The platform enables simple matchmaking between the participants and creates a form of project marketplace for this purpose.

It is possible to find registered people and content via individual keywords. The search can be limited geographically.

At the core of the search is semantic data networking supported by artificial intelligence. The Knowledge Graph was developed for this purpose.

In a modified form, the matchmaking platform is also suitable for the following areas of application:

  • e-Recruiting
  • Human Recources
  • Job boards
  • Project marketplaces
  • Matchmaking platforms
  • Recruiting tools

Prototypical applications can be found at: - job board, marketplace, business network, and matchmaking platform for he media, creative, and cultural industries across Europe.

The basic platform is customizable and can be programmed flexibly according to your needs.