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For the Circus-Theater Roncalli, VUCX has developed an online marketing strategy to address and inspire new potential visitors across all platforms and accompany them along their customer journey at the various touchpoints. The strategy is designed to strengthen direct ticket sales via the company's own web shop. After a successful year in 2023, the collaboration will continue in 2024, and the strategy will be further developed based on the experiences and results of the past year.


The Circus-Theater Roncalli is one of the most successful circuses in Germany, with around 250,000 visitors every year. Founded in 1975, the company is particularly known for its artistic impulses and acrobatic performances. Since 2018, the circus has exclusively used holograms instead of real animals.

The Task

A visit to the Circus-Theater Roncalli has been a unique experience for all age groups for decades. Ticket sales are partly covered by returning visitors. But how can new guests be encouraged to visit Roncalli? When and on which platform does the orientation process begin? How must a comprehensive, cross-platform strategy be orchestrated so that interested parties become visitors? These are key questions for the development of the digital advertising strategy.

The Execution

In our collaboration with Circus-Theater Roncalli, we rely on innovative online marketing strategies to present the brand effectively on social media, Google and with selected publishers. Our aim is to increase the visibility of Roncalli through tailored campaigns that appeal to potential visitors at every stage of their decision-making process. Using data analytics, we continuously optimize our content to achieve maximum relevance and engagement. This enables Circus-Theater Roncalli to reach people who are looking for inspiration or planning specific activities. Our focused strategy ensures that the messages have a strong presence through carefully placed ads and targeted search engine optimization.

The experiences of the past year have significantly improved our ability to make targeted adjustments and continuously strengthen Roncalli's digital presence. By anticipating the dynamics of consumer behavior, we have been succeeding in making the Circus-Theater Roncalli not only visible, but unforgettable.

The Result

The implementation of these strategies has led to a significant increase in new visitors to the website, as well as an increase in ticket sales via Google Ads or social media ads. In addition, we have continuously monitored other key performance indicators (KPIs) agreed with Circus-Theater Roncalli and have seen a significant improvement in these KPIs in 2023. Based on these positive developments, Roncalli will further increase the share of digital ads in its marketing plan and expand its digital marketing efforts this year.

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