Coty Inc.
Point Of Sale

We create elaborate retouching and eye-catching POS materials for the world's second largest perfume and cosmetics company with headquarters in New York.

POS Hero
  • # Packaging Design
  • # VFX / CGI / 3D Animation
  • # E-Commerce

High-quality visuals for the point of sale - whether at Christmas, in summer or in repeated flights.

VUCX creates assets for sales-oriented campaigns for several brands of the cosmetics group on various occasions. From illustrated, graphic and rendered images, everything is included. We implement the campaigns in an eye-catching way for the individual touch points and always have the end customer in mind.

Max Factor
1·2·3 More Me

Displays & beauty bar for the drugstore

With just 3 steps and 3 products to the most beautiful me - as part of our 123 MORE ME campaign, we design eye-catching POS materials. These are implemented with elaborate beauty retouching and computer-generated images.

In addition to the displays exhibited in stores, we also create the corresponding assets for e-commerce.

MaxFactor Tischdisplay

Promotion Packaging

Max Factor Schachtel Ebony
Max Factor Schachtel Hazel

Shop display & beauty bar assets for the drugstore

bruno banani

X-mas Giftsets 2019

For the annual gifting initiative of Germany's leading perfume brand, we design the Christmas gift sets and stage the product pack shots to match the season. Besides the designs, we also generate high-quality 3D visualisations for e-commerce.

Bruno Banani X-Mas Hero
Bruno Banani X-Mas 1
Bruno Banani X-Mas 2
Bruno Banani X-Mas 3
Bruno Banani X-Mas 4
Bruno Banani X-Mas 5
Bruno Banani X-Mas 6

Winter Special Edition – Packaging & Hotspots

Bruno Banani Creative Packshot for Rossmann

  • Concept & visual idea for POS
  • Graphic design
  • Claim development
  • Use of our own 3D assets

MEXX Black

Ingredient Illustrations

Black pepper, cedar wood and sandalwood as well as lychee, peony and lotus - we create the fragrances of both perfumes in an illustrated style for the packaging.

mexx black illustration
mexx black illustration

In-Store Prints


About the Customer: COTY is a New York based, world-leading perfume and cosmetics company that produces cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, hair color and styling products. Coty Inc.'s fragrances include Adidas, Beyoncé, Calvin Klein, Chloé, David Beckham, Playboy and Jil Sander perfumes.