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Open-Xchange – Product Explainer Videos


VUCX created a range of explainer videos for globally operating software company Open-Xchange and its market-leading customers from the telecoms sector.

The animated videos tell viewers everything they need to know about the design and the features of the white-label product “OX App Suite”, providing customer-specific explanations both at an iconographic level and using actual screencasts.

VUCX was responsible for both visual design and implementation.

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OX App Suite Explainer 2019: In this video, the benefits of Open-Xchange App Suite are easily and playfully explained in a combination of illustration and screencast. It is part of a whole series of explainer videos for this product.
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About the customer: With more than 230 employees, Open-Xchange develops open source software for communication, collaboration and office productivity. Through partners such as 1&1, STRATO, Host Europe, NetCologne, network solutions/ and Rackspace, more than 200 million users are already using Open-Xchange software for their personal and business communications.