Content Marketing

Content is King – and a crucial competitive factor.
Video, text, and visual content are our core competencies. We develop editorial formats: from explainer videos to blog articles, from infographics to Social Media content.

Content Marketing

Why is good Content Marketing so important?

Content Quality matters - for the benefit of users and therefore also for a good position in Google search. The mere repetition of search terms, keyword stuffing, hardly brings any results these days.

Convincing Content Marketing also forms the basis for successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Expertentipp | Ercin Filizli
(Head of Brand Strategy)

Only with an effective Branding Strategy can you stand out from the flood of content flooding the internet. Because although it is now easier than ever to create content using Generative Artificial Intelligence , for example, it has become even more difficult to attract the attention of your target group.

A strong Brand is what sets you apart from the competition and gives your company recognition value.

As a Full-Service Digital Agency, we can help you develop a strong Brand Identity and create an effective Content Marketing Strategy that is tailored to your brand.

Our extensive Content Creation expertise and expert team in Brand Strategy Development allow us to provide you with a holistic solution that will strengthen your brand and make your content successful.

Contact me today to learn more about how we can help you build a strong brand and achieve your Content Marketing goals.

Definition Content Marketing

There are different definitions of Content Marketing.

The German Digital Industry Association interprets Content Marketing as, among other things, „[...] The data-driven planning, creation, distribution, measurement, and optimization of content that is sought, needed, and valued by clearly defined target groups at the individual moment of attention, and thus triggers an action that pays attention to the overarching corporate goal.“ 

In Gabler's Business Encyclopedia, you find that Content Marketing is "...Social Media Communication is the informative, advisory and/or entertaining provision of corporate information in customer communication to get them to engage with the information in the first place and, ideally, to bring about viral processes."

Similar definitions can be found more frequently in the context of Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and PR.


Content Production

Outstanding Content Marketing requires a Content Strategy and targeted Content Production.

Developing a Content Strategy is a great first step because it forms the foundation on which your Inbound Marketing efforts should evolve over time.

Content Marketing, then, is first and foremost a strategic Marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing value-added, relevant as well as consistent content FOR THE CUSTOMER to attract and engage a clearly defined audience - and ultimately drive a customer action that is profitable for the business. Crucial here, for the customer.

These are the first things you should do to produce good content in a consistent manner.

Determination of

  • Goals
  • Key Performance Indicators, short KPIs
  • Value Proposition

are necessary elements for developing an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Content Production tailored to your target group is crucial for your business success.


Want to increase conversions and drive traffic in your direction?

To capture people's attention on Social Media, eMail lists, or other Marketing channels, your focus should be on keeping users engaged and entertained with your stories.

Difference between Content Marketing and Branded Content

Branded Content (Marketing) is a form of Marketing that blurs the traditional lines of distinction between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes editorial content. In homeopathic doses, an extremely effective tool.

Probably the most familiar version of Branded Content can be spotted in connection with Influencer Marketing. Here, branded content is content from an author or publisher that is offered or influenced by a business partner for a value exchange.

"However, it can also quickly spill over into a form of Brand Narcissism. In other words, a form in which product placement, self-congratulation and embarrassment are at the center of attention. Subtle is something else. Attention-grabbing, yes please. Embarrassing, no thanks." Ercin Filizli - CEO and Social Media Expert at VUCX.

A brand must strike the heart

Content-Marketing - the shortcut to your customers' hearts.

Facts tell - Story sells.

Storytelling in Content Marketing

Storytelling improves your Marketing and Communication

Storytelling is an important part of Content Marketing. Used skillfully, it can be used to appeal to and convince potential customers. Use stories to illustrate the benefits of your brand, products and services and create an emotional connection. By conveying your message in an authentic and credible way, you can gain the trust of your potential customers and build a deeper relationship with them.

Tell your story with our professional Content Marketing - We make your brand unforgettable.

Video Content in Content Marketing

Video Content plays a very important role in content marketing. It is one of the most suitable forms to convey a message and create an emotional connection with the target group.
For example, video makes complex content easier to understand.
Find out more about Explanatory Film Production here.

"Three out of four people (74%) in Germany regularly use videos or television content via the internet.
On-demand content from TV channels and video streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ etc.) play the biggest role
Videos on YouTube, which have no connection to TV channels, are regularly used by 34%, videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok by 23%."

Excerpt from "ARD/ZDF Online Study 2021"

Expand your Content Marketing Strategy with Native Advertising and Paid Content

Native Advertising and Paid Content are further ways to maximize the potential of your Content Marketing.

Native Advertising allows you to create advertising content that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding content to create a natural user experiencePaid Content refers to any content item that is created and paid for by an individual or company to be published online.
By utilizing these strategies, you can create high-quality content while achieving greater reach by placing your content on platforms and channels and supporting it with advertising spend that is frequented by your target audience.
These strategies can also be used as part of the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) Model, which offers a holistic approach to content distribution.

By integrating Native Advertising and Paid Content into your Content Marketing strategy, you can target your content even more specifically and effectively to your target group.

We are happy to support you in the development of content for your targeted Native Advertising.