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The strategic way to a clear Corporate Brand is CI Development.

We advise you holistically and systematically in all disciplines of Corporate Identity Development:

  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Culture
  • Corporate Behaviour
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The VUCX Corporate Identity Development Team specializes in helping companies build and maintain a strong, recognizable brand.

Our team of experts has years of experience in Corporate Design, Corporate Communications and Corporate Culture, and we'd love to help you build and grow your Brand.

One of VUCX's core values is our User-Centric Approach. We know that customer expectations and needs are changing rapidly in today's markets. Companies respond to this by trying to understand the ever-changing expectations and needs of customers. That's why we take a Customer-Centric Approach to Corporate Identity Development. Every interaction with your Brand should be an opportunity for the customer to achieve what matters most to them.

Corporate Identity Development Services

Comprehensive Branding
We work closely with you to develop a logo, color scheme, typography and overall design aesthetic that represents your company and its values.

Consistent Messaging
We help you develop messages and communications that are consistent across all channels and touchpoints, so your customers always know what to expect from your Brand.

Tailored Approach
We know that every business is unique. That's why we work closely with you to develop a Brand Strategy tailored to your specific goals and target audience.

Customer Centricity
We take a Customer-Centric Approach to Corporate Identity Development. We know that customers who interact with a Brand come with a specific need or requirement.
Our goal is to help you provide your customers with the best possible experience (Customer Experience) by enabling them to achieve what matters most to you.


Advantages of working with VUCX

By working with the VUCX Corporate Identity Development Team to develop a customized Corporate Identity, your company will have a strong, recognizable Brand.
This will help you stand out in the marketplace, increase your visibility and credibility, and give you that crucial competitive edge.

What sets VUCX apart is our ability to turn these attributes into real benefits for your customers, your team and potential applicants:


  • Strong Brand Recognition.
    By creating a consistent and recognizable brand, your company can stand out in the marketplace and create a sense of trust and reliability among your target audience.
  • Increased Visibility and Credibility
    With a well-defined Brand, your company can communicate more effectively with its target audience and increase its visibility and credibility in the marketplace.
  • Competitive Advantage
    A strong corporate identity sets a company and its products or services apart from the competition, which will give a company a competitive advantage.
  • Improved Customer Experience
    With our Customer-Centric Approach, we help our clients achieve the outcomes that are most important to you, resulting in an improved Customer Experience.

Overview Corporate Identity Development Process


The most important steps

Corporate Identity Development is a process that usually includes the following steps:


1. Research and Analysis


This step involves conducting market research, analyzing the company's target audience, and understanding the company's competitive landscape. This information is used to identify the company's unique selling points and develop a comprehensive understanding of the company's position in the market.


Expert Tip | Ercin Filizli

Successful Marketing starts with a deep understanding of your target audience's perspectives and needs. By using empathy, intuition and facts, find out what issues move your customers the most.



2. Develop a Brand Strategy


Based on the research and analysis, develop a Brand Strategy. This includes defining the company's purpose, mission, vision, values and overall Brand Positioning or USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This step helps create a solid foundation for the Brand and ensures consistency in all communications.



3. Corporate Identity


Once the Brand Strategy is developed, the Design Elements of the Brand are created.
This includes developing a logo, color palette, typography and overall design aesthetic. This step helps create a visual representation of the brand that aligns with the company's purpose, mission, vision and values.


Expert Tip | Tim Schnettker
Creating a Corporate Design Manual, including Digital Design Guidelines, is an essential step in the Corporate Design Development process. There are many good reasons why it is important to create these guidelines at the very beginning.



4. Implementation


This step introduces the new Corporate Identity across all touchpoints, from business cards and letterheads to packaging and digital platforms. This ensures consistency across all channels and touchpoints and helps build a recognizable Brand Image.



5. Monitoring and Evaluation


The final step in this process is to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the new Corporate Identity. This can be done by analyzing customer feedback, monitoring sales and other business metrics, and conducting market research. Based on the results, adjustments can be made to the brand to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

The steps described above are a simple summary.
It is important to note that these steps are not necessarily linear and are iterative, as some steps will be reconsidered and refined as the process progresses. In addition, the timeframe of the development process may vary depending on your organization's needs, resources, and the scope of the project.

Markenidentität - Markenimage nach Esch

Corporate Identity vs. Brand Marketing

Corporate Identity and Brand Marketing differ in that Corporate Identity is essentially concerned with a company's overall image, while Brand Marketing is concerned with promoting and positioning a company's products or services.


Difference between Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

Corporate Identity and Brand Identity are two distinct concepts in the field of Marketing.
Corporate Identity refers to the overall image and reputation of a company, including its values, purpose, mission and vision, as well as visual elements such as logo, color scheme and typography.
The importance of Corporate Identity is that it creates a consistent image and message for all toiuchpoints with the company.

Brand Identity, on the other hand, focuses on the visual and emotional representation of a particular Brand within the company. This includes design elements such as the logo, typography, packaging and color scheme, as well as the tone of voice and messages associated with the Brand.
Brand Identity is intended to create a unique and recognizable image in the minds of customers that differentiates the brand from its competitors and creates an emotional connection with customers.

In practice, Corporate Identity and Brand Identity are closely linked. A company often has several Brands under its umbrella. This gives rise to opportunities for combination. Whether these Brands have their own identity, which is embedded in the Corporate Identity, or stand alone depends on the respective Brand Strategies. Simplified, we speak here of Brand Architecture. In other words, the structure and organization of Brands within a company.

We are happy to support you in Brand Strategic decisions through Strategic Brand Consulting and Workshops