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Tailor-made TYPO3 programming

The VUCX TYPO3 Agency Programming Team has extensive experience in programming complex TYPO3 websites.

Advantages for you:

With TYPO3 website programming, we achieve a high degree of freedom in terms of the design and functionality of your website.

We program professional TYPO3 CMS Systems for many purposes. From conception and design to complete realization. And with the integration of third-party systems such as e-Commerce, Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM).

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Introduction in TYPO3

TYPO3 is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that has been in development since 1997. It is mainly used for creating and managing websites and is particularly popular in Germany. TYPO3 is particularly flexible and powerful and offers numerous expansion options, making it a good choice for medium-sized companies and educational institutions.

One of the most important features of TYPO3 is the ability to structure and manage content. For this purpose, there is a hierarchical page and content element system that makes it possible to place and link content in different areas of the website. Content is managed via a user-friendly backend, which is easy to use even for editors without programming knowledge.

TYPO3 also has numerous functions for designing websites. These include templates that make it easier to create layouts and various options for integrating media such as images, videos or audio files. There are also a large number of extensions and plugins that can add additional functions to the CMS, e.g. for forms, store systems or search functions.

The integration of third-party systems such as Product Information Management (PIM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) is possible. There are various extensions and plugins that enable the integration of such systems.
For example, there are extensions for connecting PIM systems such as Akeneo or Pimcore, which make it possible to manage product information centrally and use it on websites.
There are also corresponding extensions for DAM systems that make it possible to centrally manage digital media such as images, videos or documents and integrate them into TYPO3.

Our TYPO3 Agency Programming Team will be happy to support you with your project.

TYPO3 Website Programming

VUCX develops TYPO3 websites for your business success. Take advantage of our extensive experience in the development of TYPO3 projects.

Advantages of using TYPO3 as a CMS

The use of TYPO3 as a Content Management System (CMS) offers the following advantages:

  • Flexibility
    TYPO3 is a very flexible CMS that offers many possibilities for individual customizations and extensions. This makes it a good choice for companies that have special requirements or want to change in the future.
  • Performance
    TYPO3 is a powerful CMS that is also suitable for large and complex websites. It offers numerous functions for managing content and designing layouts and is also suitable for integrating third-party systems such as Product Information Management (PIM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM).
  • User Friendliness
    TYPO3 has a user-friendly backend that is easy to use even for editors without programming knowledge. The hierarchical page and content element system makes Content Management clear and intuitive.
  • Internationalization
    TYPO3 offers comprehensive options for the internationalization of websites. It supports multiple languages and can also create and manage multilingual websites.
  • Security
    TYPO3 is a secure CMS that is regularly updated to close security gaps. There are also numerous security plugins and extensions that can provide additional protection for the CMS.
  • Large Developer Community
    The large TYPO3 Developer Community offers a wide range of support and resources. This is very helpful when using TYPO3. Even if there are problems or questions, there is usually quick help and support from other users or developers.


TYPO3 Agency Change

Are you planning a change of agency?

A change of programming TYPO3 Agency can usually be carried out without any problems.

Expert tip: However, it is important that all details and requirements are clarified in advance to avoid problems or delays. It is also advisable to provide all relevant documentation and materials created by the previous agency to facilitate the transition.

Our VUCX TYPO3 Team offers a Quick Check for an initial assessment at a flat rate. Feel free to contact us.